Alcohol Sampling


Measuring alcohol production & evolution in fermented beverages such as kombucha & kefir is an LYS priority. Since 2018, LYS is using the Beer Alcolyzer M from Anton Paar. This allow us to constantly keep track of the alcohol production with 0.00% accuracy, on a spectrum from 0% till 15%.

Since 2020, thanks to our equipement and our own custom-build administration software, LYS is the first brewery of the Netherlands granted by the Douane with a permit to brew alcoholic kombucha.

Since 2018 we keep sampling our own kombucha but also randomly any other kombucha and keffir products from brands to privates. The result is allways positif going even up to 4.9% unless you pasteurize and filter your fermented beverage.

Keeping track of your datas allow you to comply to the law, but even more important to be able to communicate and respect the desire of your customers and community.

We need 150ml to provide you a measurment and a duplo, we will give you as well the sugar content and pH of the measured batch.

Measurment are processed within a week and stay confidentials.

For your own records make sure you have your batch references (production dates, bottling dates...)