Mustard Caviar

180 g

Mustard caviar or pickled mustard seeds are such an amazing condiment and playfull product to work with, from the texture to the taste, we love to pair it with cheese, serve it on any kind of starters, mains, when we do our céleri remoulade maki, with fish... try it and let us know about your creation!


Ingredients: mustard seeds, champagne vinegar, pink Lautrec garlic, sweet chilli pepper, laurel, cloves, beet sugar, salt, ginger, fresh taragon

Risk of allergy: mustard

Keep your jar in a dry and cool environement, when open, keep refrigerated.

Nutrition facts: Crude protein 7,5g/100g, Crude fat 4,2g/100g, total carbohydrates 3,39g/100g, of which sugars 2,09g/100g, Dietary fibers 4,9g/100g, Energy value (kJoules/100g) 382, energy value (kcal/100g) 91, sodium 0,316g/100g, salt as NaCl 0,805g/100g