Leather Card Holder by Pierre Justin

I met Pierre for the first time in 2009, we were both studying cooking and chose to go learn more about our craft by the 2 star restaurant previously run by Jean-Paul Jeunet in Arbois, wonderful mountain village in Jura.

We quickly connected through our drive for cooking as well as through music, as Pierre is as talented on the stove than with a guitar.

In November 2015, I got the opportunity to move to Amsterdam in order to be chef and consultant at Cafe de Ceuvel, dedicating my craft to vegetarian cooking and explore sustainability as well as locality within a restaurant in the middle of a fast moving city.

As I dived into fermentation and kombucha making I quickly realised that I had to make a choice between cooking and brewing, so I called Pierre and proposed him to be the new chef of de Ceuvel as I fully trusted his skills and interpretations. Finally we also had the opportunity to cook again together and live in the same city!

Pierre decided this year (2023) to explore an other passion he had for years already, joining another craft: leather goods!

I could only think of one person to craft a present for you in order to support and feed his new path as he is always support me in every endeavor of mine and I will keep on supporting his very own.

Photography is one of my thing, so I took this opportunity to document the process of making this present as well as giving Pierre a few pictures for his own craft record and future book.

From passion to craft, holding on creativity to develop our mind and world, we can only do this together.