Aubergine Confite

220 g

This recipe is inspired by a novel from Simone de Beauvoir where she described an eggplant cooked somehow in sugar. Since then we kept experimenting to find this balance between spices and sweetness, texture and colour.

Originaly made to be paired with a cheese selection from Willicroft, we also really like to enjoy it with yoghurt, bread, braised veggies, olive oil...


Ingredients: aubergine, beet sugar, fresh ginger, pectine, poivre long pipalli sumatra, clove, kaffir lime leave, lemon.

Nutrition facts: Crude protein 0,6g/100g, Crude fat 2g/100g, total carbohydrates 59,1g/100g, of which sugars 59g/100g, Dietary fibers 0,9g/100g, Energy value (kJoules/100g) 1095, energy value (kcal/100g) 262, sodium 0,003g/100g, salt as NaCl 0,006g/100g

Keep your jar in a dry and cool environement, when open, keep refrigerated.