Kimchi & wakame

500 g

Our kimchi adventure began with ordering waaay too much cabbage for our Nabe session at Garage Noord in 2019. We had two choices: having to eat cabbage every day for two weeks or start fermenting it. We ferment it at the brewery, per small batch and let it age as much as we can. We created our own fresh chilli mix, combined with unrefined sea salt from Guérande mixed with wakame to bring dept and umami since it's vegan!

We use it in our tosti brioche, or paired with our lapsang souchong kombucha with some oysters, in ramen...

We wish you will enjoy eating our kimchi as much as we take pleasure fermenting it!

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage, spring onions, Lautrec garlic, ginger, daikon, fresh chilli peppers, fresh habanero, fresh bird's eye chilli, wakame, coriander seeds, unrefined Guérande sea salt.

Nutrition facts: Crude Protein 1.1g/100gr  Crude fat 0.2gr/100gr  Total carbohydrate (HPLC) 2.37gr/100gr  of which sugar <0.50gr/100gr  Dietary fibers 1.3gr/100gr  Energy value (kJoule/100gr) 78  Energy value (kcal/100gr)19  Sodium 0.286gr/100gr  Salt as NaCl 0.728gr/100gr