Sweet Tooth Club


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Sweet Tooth Club

On the Saturday evenings,  we are opening the Taproom!

By buying a ticket you reserve your seat and purchase your first cocktail of the night! But what is this really?

"New Fashion", it's a brand new signature cocktail made with our brand new Milky Oolong kombucha, inspired by the cocktail "Old Fashion" from 1806.

Next to this, we have a full menu featuring french pastry, cocktails, sake, and kombucha...

We have 30 seats, some great tunes and atmosphere, joy and laughter to share with you. We want, by opening the taproom, to let you try what we have been working on secretly, sharing beautiful time with our friends and guests, share our vision of serving you but most important a time to share, relax and celebrate life together!

We will refund the tickets only if you call the day before to cancel, we will also only take pin for payments on the day itself.

Rules of the Sweet Tooth Club:

1st rule: you do not talk about the Sweet Tooth Club

2nd rule: you do not talk about the Sweet Tooth Club

3rd rule: if you're new to the Sweet Tooth Club you have to drink Kombucha

Artwork: Astrid

Time slot: 18h30-23h30

Address: Polijsterweg 8C 1032KR Amsterdam Noord