Tsukudani Kombu

210 g

Tsukudani is a traditional japanese recipe of simmered seaweed in sake, we have been working on our own version that stick to the tradition as well as suit our taste. We love to use it in nabe, onigiri, in combination with cheese our just on top of a fried egg.


Ingredients: kombu 33%, mirin (glutinous rice, fermentation culture, shochu, alcohol, glucose syrup), sake, soy sauce (water soybean, wheat, salt, vinegar, ethylalcohol, sugar), fresh ginger, fresh garlic, sesame seeds

Risk of allergy: soybean from soy sauce, sesame seeds

Keep your jar in a dry and cool environement, when open, keep refrigerated

Nutrition facts: Crude protein 4,2g/100g, Crude fat 2,8g/100g, total carbohydrates (HPLC) 17,7g/100g, of which sugars 12,5g/100g, Dietary fibers 6,9g/100g, Energy value (kJoules/100g) 532, energy value (kcal/100g) 127, sodium 0,953g/100g, salt as NaCl 2,42g/100g.