Earl Grey

1500 g
Size: 75cl

Origin: China


Ingredients: organic earl grey, organic beetroot sugar, water, kombucha culture.

Unpasteurized, unfiltered, naturally carbonated, bottle aged.

75cl Bottle

Caffeine 21mg/100gr

Sugar 0.2gr/100gr

ABV 25.%

Serving temperature 15°C in a wine glass.

Store your bottle upright in dry and dark environment at room temperature, chill before serving like you would do for any other carbonated drinks like champagne or pet-nat wine.

After opening we recommend to store it in the fridge.


Tasting notes: bergamot, toasted brioche, deep black tea

Pair with: dark chocolate, white meat, braised fish


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Too Much Bergamot

Earl Grey Tonic

Greek Supplex

5cl Tequila Ariette

1.5cl Willems Vermouth dry

2cl Italicus

1.5cl lemon syrup

3cl lemon juice

5cl egg white




Shake all your ingredients on ice, double strain and dry shake, taste balance before serving in frozen champagne saucer and top of with earl grey, finish with bitter drops.

5cl Jenever

3cl lemon juice

1.5cl lemon syrup




Serve on ice in frozen highball glass, garnish with light cucumber slice.

5cl Masthia

1.5cl Dollin vermouth dry

2cl ginger juice

2cl lime juice


Cubebe pepper

Lime skine


In cocktail mixing glass, short infuse the cubebe and lime skin with the mastiha, finish the mix, cool down, taste balance, stain, serve in frozen martini glass, top of earl grey, garnish with lime skin twist.



To be or not to be thanks to Mr Charles Grey, the enigmatic origins of earl grey tea are intertwined with the legacy of the British Prime Minister back in 1830. Renowned for his advocacy for the abolition of slavery, Earl Grey's association with this iconic tea remains a subject of speculation. While the true paternity of Earl Grey tea eludes a definitive answer, its composition is rooted in a Chinese red tea base infused with bergamot peel. Alternatively, modern variations may utilise bergamot essential oils to achieve the desired flavour profile. Given its mysterious lineage, Earl Grey tea holds a significant place in the hierarchy of brewed beverages. Positioned in the brewery after jasmine tea, Earl Grey's historical significance in the context of European popularisation underscores its cultural and culinary importance.



Inspired by one of Brindi’s ribbitting frog themed tattoo flash, mixed with a cheeky nod to the English mischief nickname ‘frog’ for the French; we hopped on board faster than a frog chasing flies to portrayed Earl Grey as a vibrant and spirited bergamot, being eagerly shedding its peel in a burst of juicy exuberance.


Drawing: Brindi Tattoo

Design: Tegroeg Studio

Video: Charles Villeneuve