Milky Oolong

1500 g
Size: 75cl

Origin: Fujian Province

Type: Semi-Oxidised Spring Harvest


Ingredients: organic milky oolong, organic beetroot sugar, water, kombucha culture.


Unpasteurized, unfiltered, naturally carbonated, bottle aged.

75cl Bottle

Caffeine 11mg/100g

Sugar 0.2gr/100gr

ABV 2.5%

Serving temperature 15°C in a wine glass.

Store your bottle upright in dry and dark environment at room temperature, chill before serving like you would do for any other carbonated drinks like champagne or pet-nat wine.

After opening we recommend to store it in the fridge.



Tasting notes: peach, dulce de leche, exotic fruits, green tea, silky

Pair with: cheese, pastry, fruits...


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Snake Bite

New Fashion


5cl eau de vie de cidre

1.5cl laurel syrup

1cl chartreuse verte

0.5cl absinthe Awen Nature

2cl lemon juice

2.5cl egg white


Dollar coin cacao nibs


Shake all ingredients on ice, fine strain, correct balance, dry shake, serve in frozen martini glass washed with absinthe, top of with the milky oolong, garnish with dollar coin and cacao nibs.


4cl Vodka

2cl Dollin vermouth dry

1.5cl Beni Umeshu

2cl lemon juice

1cl burnt lemon syrup

Burnt lemon skin




In mixing cocktail glass, gather alcohol and infuse the burnt lemon skins, add the other ingredients, refresh, correct balance, strain in frozen champagne saucer, top of with milky oolong, garnish with  a slice of banana flambée with vodka.

7cl Sakekasu Sochu


Serve in frozen highball glass on ice, top of milky oolong.




The Wu Long tea, also known as blue-green or semi-oxidized tea, occupies a unique position midway between green and red teas. Similar to red teas, the initial stage involves withering, followed by rolling and oxidation, with alternating cycles until the desired degree of semi-oxidation is achieved. This oxidation process happen in a controlled environment devoid of light, at a warm temperature. This semioxidation process categorizes Wu Long teas into four distinct families based on their oxidation levels: 5 to 15%, 20 to 30%, 30 to 40%, and 60 to 70%. Subsequently, many Wu Long teas undergo roasting to enhance their toasted flavor profiles. The finest Wu Long teas hail from the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan, where specialized techniques have been honed to perfection over generations. One noteworthy variant is Milky Oolong tea, also known as Jin Xuan, named after the cultivar TTES12. Developed in 1980 by the Tea Research & Extension Station in Taiwan, this tea stands out for its unique production process. Characterized by pickled leaves and semi-oxidized characteristics, the leaves undergo steaming over milk, imparting a distinctive creamy flavor profile.




Wu Long literally translate to 'black dragon'. Legend has it that one day a tea farmer was walking in his garden in Fujian looking for some new flavor. Immersed in his thoughts he saw a black snake emerging from the depths of a tea tree, Believing it to be a sign, he sampled the leaves and thus birthed the first Wu Long. While this tale may be steeped in legend, Brindi and I were not going to pass on such occasion to bring the red dragon spirit back into the brewery and embrace its myth and culture.


Drawing: Brindi Tattoo

Design: Tegroeg Studio

Video: Charles Villeneuve