Ceylon OP Neluwa Garden

1500 g

Origin: South West Sri Lanka

Plantation: Neluwa Garden

Tea Grade: Orange Pekoe



Ingredients: organic Ceylon OP, organic beetroot sugar, water, kombucha culture.

Unpasteurized, unfiltered, naturally carbonated, bottle aged.

75cl Bottle

Caffeine 19mg/100gr

Sugar 0.2gr/100gr

ABV 2.5%

Serving temperature 15°C in a wine glass.

Store your bottle upright in dry and dark environment at room temperature, chill before serving like you would do for any other carbonated drinks like champagne or pet-nat wine.

After opening we recommend to store it in the fridge.


Tasting notes: apricot, tangerine, warm black tea, black pepper

Pair with: dessert, chocolate, seaweed, mushrooms


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French 75

French 76

3cl Calvados Christian Drouin

2cl lemon juice

1.5cl java pepper syrup



Shake on ice, fine strain in frozen flûte glass, top of with Ceylon, garnish with sour apple slice.

3cl Le Gin Christian Drouin

2cl lemon juice

1cl cardamom syrup



Shake on ice, fine strain in frozen flûte glass, top of with Ceylon, garnish with lemon skin twist.




The introduction of tea cultivation in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, dates back to 1824 with the planting of the first tea trees at the Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya. This initiative was undertaken for non-profit purposes, marking the inception of a nascent tea industry in the region. While Sri Lanka has been producing exclusively coffee since 1802, the arrival of the coffee rust pathogen Hemileia Vastatrix ruins all the coffee trees. It is thanks to the commissioned work of the Scottish James Taylor in Loolecondera estate that one owes the acclimation and development of the tea culture in Sri Lanka. Releasing its first commercial batch In the Uva district, in place of Neluwa Estate, tea gardens where established in 1870. Nestled in the southwestern reaches of the island, at elevation of 1200 meter above sea level, it classifies the estate production within the hight grown tea category. We have the chance to use one of the most iconic and refined red tea production of Sri Lanka. Brewing it’s Orange pekoe, characterised by carefully selected whole fine fruity long leaves.




Still used in tea plantations to help with field work, Sri Lankan elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) is one the absolute symbol of Sri Lanka’s wildlife and spirituality. He is a native species of the island and one of the three recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant.  Together with Brindi we borrowed the Dharmapalas codes to draw his character. The wrathful forms of Buddhism exist to destroy the illusions that obstruct clear vision, hoping to always be aware and well guided on the brewing path.


Drawing: Brindi Tattoo

Design: Tegroeg Studio