Verbena kombucha 75cl

1500 g

Green sencha origin: Japan

Verbena origin: Amsterdam West


Ingredients: organic green sencha 50%, verbena 50%, organic beetroot sugar, water, kombucha culture.


Unpasteurized, unfiltered, naturally carbonated, bottle aged.

75cl Bottle

Sugar 0.2gr/100gr

ABV 2.5%

Serving temperature 15°C in a wine glass.

Store your bottle upright in dry and dark environment at room temperature, chill before serving like you would do for any other carbonated drinks like champagne or pet-nat wine.

After opening we recommend to store it in the fridge.






The botanical collection, is brewed with 50% of locally produced verbena from a garden in a south west Amsterdam and 50% of sencha. Verbena has just over 140 species, making it a staple ingredient in herbal infusions, traditional remedies and even liqueurs such as the famous Verveine du Vellay. Originating from Latin America, it likely made its way to Europe around 1780 passing through Portugal. The other half of this blend is none other than a Japanese sencha. It will add elements of elegance, depth and structure while also ensuring a crucial counterbalance in our brewing colony. Sencha dominates 80% of Japan's tea production, distinguished by its unique roasting method involving steaming and rolling the leaves into fine needles, a process repeated thrice




Collaborating with Sylvain, we opted for this iconic blend to portray an epic clash between the ancient symbolism of verbena embodied in the Egyptian falcon and a free-spirited representation of the Japanese mamushi pit viper, locked in combat over the rising sun.


Drawing & design: Tegroeg Studio